Our EstatePlanner Documents Organizer

Our EstatePlanner Documents Organizer
The EstatePlanner is a comprehensive estate planning and documents organizer system.This useful financial tool is the easy and efficient solution to enable your heirs to quickly locate all your important legal documents and information, and to settle your estate quickly and inexpensively. It consists of 150 pages of tabbed forms, planning checklists, and estate planning information, all housed in a deluxe 3-ring binder. It comes with an instructional CD recorded by Mr. Loveridge to help you use it effectively. $79.95 + s/h. For more information, see our posting for November 28, 2008, below. To order, call us at (801) 262-8889, or email us at emarel@comcast.net. Free Bonus when you order The EstatePlanner: Mr. Loveridge's 172-page estate planning course, "How To Avoid Probate, Death Taxes, and Family Civil War!"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beware Of Asset Protection Scams! Worried about "asset protection?" Here's an excellent article which helps you keep the issues in perspective: http://www.forbes.com/sites/toddganos/2013/01/20/beware-of-asset-protection-scams/

From the article: From the article: "In reality, the specific way that asset prot protection/risk management should be implemented for any person will be wholly dependent on that person’s specific objectives and circumstances. The solution should attempt to integrate asset protection/risk management issues, estate planning issues, tax planning issues, etc. You should question anyone who fails to do this."

For many people, the only "source" of a potential lawsuit is injuring another at their home or by their vehicle. Note the author's inexpensive, "common sense" solution most of us can use to protect our assets: An "umbrella" policy. See your homeowners insurance agent for more details.