Our EstatePlanner Documents Organizer

Our EstatePlanner Documents Organizer
The EstatePlanner is a comprehensive estate planning and documents organizer system.This useful financial tool is the easy and efficient solution to enable your heirs to quickly locate all your important legal documents and information, and to settle your estate quickly and inexpensively. It consists of 150 pages of tabbed forms, planning checklists, and estate planning information, all housed in a deluxe 3-ring binder. It comes with an instructional CD recorded by Mr. Loveridge to help you use it effectively. $79.95 + s/h. For more information, see our posting for November 28, 2008, below. To order, call us at (801) 262-8889, or email us at emarel@comcast.net. Free Bonus when you order The EstatePlanner: Mr. Loveridge's 172-page estate planning course, "How To Avoid Probate, Death Taxes, and Family Civil War!"

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Thoughts on How to Die! Great article by Dr. Ken Murray about how doctors choose to die. Careers in medicine have taught them the limits of treatment and the need to plan for the end. Though they have great access to the best medical treatment, many choose to die serenely and with quality of life rather than merely extending it at any cost. 


Friday, March 01, 2013

Review your Estate Plan Inexpensively. When did you last review your estate plan? Are your titles and beneficiary designations worded correctly? Does your trust language conform to the new estate tax law taking effect in 2013? Are you wary of the cost? For $79, we'll review your documents them (in office or by phone) and make recommendations about any needed changes. Most attorneys charge $200 - $300 per hour for this service. Our low review fee is our commitment to help you and your loved ones remain protected, affordably! Are your friends and relatives protected? We also extend this offer to them and will review their estate plan for $79 (less than their own attorney might charge!), or, if they have not yet done their planning, their first consultation is complimentary. Call us at (801) 262-8889 for an appointment.
Visualize  your death! No, I'm not suggesting you spend your day thinking morbid thoughts about your demise, but that you consider--in detail--how your estate would be administered after you're gone. Do you have a business? Who will dispose of it or continue to run it if you can't? Is there a market (i.e., buyers) for it? What about your rental properties? Is your successor trustee capable of managing them? Should they be left equally to all your heirs, possibly causing a "stalemate" if some want to sell and others don't? Or would it be better to leave individual properties to specific members of your family? If you own a family cabin, should you leave it outright to your family or require it to be held in trust for their use (under specific conditions)? Will your estate have sufficient liquidity (i.e., cash!) to accomplish your objectives, such as educating minors or providing for loved ones? If not, can illiquid assets (real estate, etc.) be quickly sold to provide it, or, should you consider purchasing life insurance? After recording your planning objectives in your trust or will, reflect carefully--visualize--how those objectives actually will be implemented. Finally, will the person you've chosen to settle your estate (i.e., your successor trustee or personal representative) bring efficiency and harmony to the process? Can he or she delegate duties if necessary and provide proper accounting to your heirs? Or, will his or her stewardship foment "family civil war?"